Can't see lines on Windows 7

I don’t know if anyone has encountered this but I can’t see my lines as I draw in Storyboard. The lines will appear in the thumbnails but not the main view. I’m running windows 7 (SP1, 64 bit). Aero background is off, turned flicks off, made sure to install the latest wacom driver… running out of options. My search through the forums didn’t yield any similar conversations.

Also I’ve got dual monitors going but when I changed the tablet focus to one it didn’t make a difference.

Any help or ideas here would be appreciated.

its an NVIDIA graphics card, NVS 3100M. drawing recognition does work with other programs like mspaint (minus the pressure control)

One thing I’m trying is to install Storyboard through the Windows 7 “Troubleshoot Compatibility” which is suggesting XP SP2 so we’ll see if that helps. I will also try this for just running SB once installed.

No luck with compatibility mode.

Different monitor resolutions were the problem, one is a wide screen and the other was not. When I put two monitors of matching resolutions together everything was hunky dory.

What graphics card are you using?


Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner - I went on the road. If I ever take too long to get back to you, feel free to email

When updating to Windows 7, make sure that you update the graphics drivers. Often they will ship Win7 machines with older drivers, so updating them is the first bet.

The next thing to do on Win7 is to disable the Aero theme from the desktop. Right-click on the Desktop, select Personalize, then click on a Basic theme instead of Aero.