can't see dissolves

Anyone know how to actually preview transitions? Even when I make a flash preview, the transitions don’t show.

You should do a QuickTime output as the dissolve are a bitmap effect and the flash output doesn’t do them.

I know I’m kind of late for this discussion, but I just installed Storyboard Pro a few days ago. I noticed that the dissolves wouldn’t preview when I played back all panels. Do you have to output it through another application, or is there a way to preview it in Storyboard itself?


The dissolve effect can currently only be seen in the Quicktime export.



Thanks Ugo. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing a step in there somewhere.

SB 1.4

First of all I don’t know where you found a version 1.4. I think you meant SB 1.5.

Storyboard doesn’t offer the QuickTime output. Only Storyboard Pro can do it. Storyboard’s purpose if for people that just want to do storyboards but no animatics so that’s why there is no Timeline and movie output.

You can bring a Storyboard’s project in Pro and do an animatic however.

Ohh… I am sory :-[ you are write this was 1.5 ;D

why the hell would they remove the ability to preview transitions on the timeline??? SB Pro 6 allowed this. this is an important feature. General consensus with users is they are going back to version 6 because its a better version. Also where is the select Bounding Box is moveable feature. it is NOT in the Tool subset in the preferences. also important. SB Pro 7. Dud. over developed in the wrong direction.