Can't see cursor

I can’t seem to see the very small and extremely light crosshair cursor in drawing mode. I’ve checked all through Preferences and I can’t seem to find anything cursor related to change either the size, color or shape. And the weird thing is once I hover my cursor out of the drawing window it changes to the normal arrow cursor which is what I want in the drawing window as well. Help?

Normally it should not be that hard to see because it is a black crosshairs with a white border.
This should show up against the neutral grey background of the drawing area.

Perhaps your screen resolution is too high making the cursor very small.
Have you tried lowering the screen resolution when using Animate?
It may help in your situation. Since the “native resolution” of Animate is
1280x1024 try a screen resolution of this or a little bit larger. Basically
try to find the lowest resolution your screen can be set to that can contain
a 1280x1024 window.