Cant see charater in camera mode ?

I created a charter for rigging, made it all neat and tidy and then saved it. The next day I opened my file and I could see the layers, but my character was not visible. After troubleshooting it to see what worked i can now see my character in drawing mode. I cant see my character in camera mode. I have just started using Toon boom and have been following tutorials from every place i can think to look and a few places threw my school. Im not sure what to do please help and please give a very descriptive answer. :ghost:

If you are using the premium version, Go into the network view and make sure the composite node leads into a display node, or that the characters drawing nodes are in the composite.
If you are not using the premium version, make sure that the layer is visible (the easiest way would be to collapse the highest peg in the timeline and click the eye icon on the left side of the layer.