Cant see black pencil drawing when rendered and exported to quicktime


i’ve been tryn my hand at animate pro at a friends request…drawing and creating scenes n stuff is ok…my problem comes when i draw a character with a pencil/brush tool using black line colour…it renders and plays fine…but when i export it to quicktime…i can hear the soundtrack i added but i can’t see a thing…everything is just black!!!..soooo i went back at it…this time i used a different line colour for the pencil/brush tool…and when i exported it i can see my drawing…soooo can someone tell me how to draw using black as a line colour and still see my cartoon when i export it??..plz…

You need to add a color card to add a color, e.g. white, to your background so that your black line drawing will show. This really surprised me the first time I exported a test animation. I kinda wonder why there isn’t a default color card inserted when creating a new project.

hey thanks,but i kinda do not know my way around the software that well…could you tell me how to add the color card?!..don’t skip any details…plz

Hit the add button (the one with the plus sign) and click “Colour-Card”. Double Click the new “Colour-Card” that is in your timeline, click the colored rectangle at the bottom of the “Layer Properties” window and select the color you want to use as your background.

Hey guys,thnks…adding/changing the color card wrkd…im gr8ful…

You could probably make use of the free video tutorials as well as the User Guide that you can access through the Help menu. To find tutorials for Animate go to the HowTo section on the website: