Can't see all of my layers?

Hi, so I’m trying out Toon Boom after working with Adobe Flash CS6 for almost a year and am encountering some problems.

When I use Toon Boom Harmony Essentials and create a rough sketch for my animation, I tend to make a second layer for cleanup. But as soon as I make a new drawing layer on top, my rough sketch on the layer below disappears. I can still see that I have created the layer, and that it’s there beside the timeline, but I can’t seem to get it to just show like it would with Flash. I watch videos online and NOBODY ELSE HAS THIS ISSUE. They draw on different layers and can see them just fine.

How can I view all of my layers at the same time?


Are you sure you’re in the camera view ?
Because if you work in drawing view, this is completely normal that you can only see the current layer.

Hope it helps.


When you are in Drawing View make sure you turn on Light Table.

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In the documentation look up: Reference => Views => Drawing

NOTE: The Light Table can be activated using the light bulb icon in Drawing View or under View in the top menu bar.