Can't save projects - "Could not open png file for writing"


A lot of times, after trying to save a project I get an error message saying the following:

  • Could not open png file (C:/–/–/–/elements/Drawing/.thumbnails/.Drawing-1.tvg.png) for writing (png).

It always happens with a bunch of .png in the file and has made me lost work across a lot of different projects. I’ve already uninstalled and installed the program several times, checking different things each time. Both the folders of the projects and the ToonBoom software are installed in the same hard drive. I haven’t changed the name of the folders after the file was created. I have tried saving the project on a different location and/or with a different name.

So far haven’t been able to find an answer on the forums and its becoming incredibly frustrating with a product that costs this much.

Any help whatsoever would be immensely appreciated.

Hello, I have the same error. Were you able to solve the issue?

So I just had the same problem and lost half of my work, but I hope im not late to give you the solution. the problem is, if you ever accidentally or on purpose changed or moved files,folders or folder paths around, or even deleted your imported image pngs or videos, Harmony can not find the original folder and path you imported them from.

My fix, I just iported all images agian. layed them out as the other layers, and then removed all old imported image layers. that way, you get rid of all image layers which had their original file location changed and the error gets terminated.

so my advice, do a seperate folder far away from your harmony folder and all images you want to import into your projects, you should save there. NEVER change the folders and subfolders, NEVER rename the folders and subfolders, NEVER delete those images or videos.