Can't save palette changes

Hi there !

I’m using toonboom since several weeks now and I really enjoy it !

But recently I get on a quite annoying problem and lose some times on it :-\ → Toon Boom don’t seem to save my palette after I change colors in it

for example, I work on a character moving in a scene, and at the end of my animation and colorisation work I decide to change shadow colors for example, so I choose the color to change, open the color editor window by double clicking on the color and move some stuff and close the window, then it’s ok with my now color, I save my project and close toonboom.
but when I re-open my project, I don’t get my new color, my palette is back as it was before the last change ! did I have to do something special to save my palette after making changes in it ?
But when I re-open it

Hmm this is very strange, it should be saving the palette file along with the scene when you hit save. Is everything else in your scene saving fine?

You might want to try for some more help on this one.