Can't save new pen style


I recently upgraded to 7, and I find I can’t save pen styles.

In the pen menu, I click the plus sign to add a new style, then adjust settings. I’ve tried with and without renaming it. The problem is, once I click off of the pen, it reverts back to the default style and default settings.

Specific example: I click the plus sign and it creates a pen with min size 5, max size 20, smoothness 2. I then adjust min and max both to 8 so i can have a default 8pt line i can use with pencil tool. When I click off the pen style to another, it reverts back to settings 5/10/2.

Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? This is very frustrating as it seems like a basic operation.

k figured something out. you add a new pen, then adjust the settings. then click plus to add a 2nd new pen style, and it will keep the settings of the one you previously made it it is active. you can then name this 2nd new pen and work with it. a little roundabout but easy workaround.