Can't save my project anymore, toon boom studio crashes

I’ve got a serious problem… I’m currently working on a project, 11 scenes so far, not all of them complete - still in progress.

For one scene, I imported a cut-out-puppet character which I stored in my library, but changed it a little bit for this particular scene. I didn’t “re-store” it again in my library, I guess that’s the mistake that I made, because when I opened this scene again after one day absence, there was error message E1002 showing. Ok, my fault.

So I wanted to delete this defective PEG with all its layers, but now I can’t save my project anymore. Toon Boom Studio is always crashing, no matter what I’m doing (import a new character and save it then, only deleting the old defective PEG and save, deleting some frames and save it then…). The surface first gets “pale”, then there’s another error message showing (“Toon Boom Studio V. 7.1 doesn’t work anymore”), and it gets closed. I had a look into the file folder of this scene, but there was no drawings, so I can’t delete it there either because there’s nothing!! WEIRD!

I’m a little upset because I can’t continue to work on this project like this. Since I can’t save anything… every work will get lost. Anyone an idea?? Help :confused:

This is my version:
Toon Boom Studio 7.1
Build 7.1.18452

Working with Windows 7 Professional
Service Pack 1

I also tried to remove the scene with the scene manager, but Toon Boom Studio crashed again as soon as I wanted to save!!!

I’d appreciate every help!!!

It depends on what you are using for your library perhaps.
The “Animation” library contains the assets of your open scene,
modifying these assets directly can have unusual consequences.

It’s better to create an actual library folder on your computer to be used
to store general templates and assets. Make sure that the library and
path where the scenes are being stored do not contain accented characters
or special characters (only 1-9, a-z, “_” and “-”).

For the issues you are facing, if it’s not path related, contact support who can have a look using remote desktop.