can't save: mac os x

I’ve seen this issue approached on the boards twice before, only once for Mac and there wasn’t anything in it that helped me, so I"m putting it up here again.

I’m going through a tutorial, trying out the software and I can’t save my work. I get the dreaded “Toon Boom is not valid Toon Boom Studio file.” alert (listed twice, for some reason).

Other answers suggest this is a permissions issue. But how to fix it for Mac? I am logged in as a user NOT as an admin (that would be a security risk) and I set the files I’m working with to read/write in all ways I see possible.

thank you for any help you can suggest!


Did you try to close the Toon Boom Template library before saving the project? If this work try to Reload Default template and try to save again.

If you are still getting the issue you might want to open the trial version with an administrator account once and create a very simple project and save it (this way it should setup the template folder properly). Then try to do the whole process again with your regular account.

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as for the “template library” – I’m not sure how I would close that, exactly. Perhaps you can tell me?

I tried running the app under an admin account and created and saved a project just fine – no error messages. I quit out of it, closed out my admin account and then ran the app under my normal login. created a new project and tried to save it and got the exact same error message(s).

as much as I’d like to work with Toon Boom, I don’t intend to imbue my daily account with admin privileges in order to do so – that would be a very poor security choice. and switching users just to work with it is very limiting and would require all kinds of work-arounds. I can’t imagine this is how the app is supposed to be used…

any other suggestions?


To close the template library open the Library window and select the Toon Boom Template then right click and do close library.



that might have just done the trick. if you don’t hear back from me soon, I’m good to go!