Can't render in HD

I’m getting this memory error:

Frame unable to create shared memory segment, error : QSharedMemory::create: out of resources

I’ve got 24 gigs of RAM for a 120 frame sequence, not sure why it won’t work. It can render at half resolution. Any ideas? I’m on OSX 10.9.



Can you restart your machine and only launch Storyboard Pro ? (This is for SBP 4, right ?)

Please, let me know the outcome.

Best regards.

Actually it’s Animate Pro 3. I started rendering frames using the write module, which is probably the “correct” way to do it, I haven’t tried outputting .mov’s though. I’m working on a different scene, when it’s ready to render I’ll post to see if that helps. Seems like even if it does there’s something up with my system and the AP3 configuration though.