Can't rename drawing

I deleted the first four images from the x-sheet and imported four new ones. I want to rename those drawings 1-4 but when I choose Rename Drawing and type in the number, I get the message “Rename Drawing: Unable to rename drawing to ‘1’.” Rename by Frame also does not work for those images; I get the message “No current selection.” I know I’m overlooking something because I can rename the other drawings. Thanks!

I think your problem is that you deleted the exposure but not the drawing. So the drawings 1-4 still exist in the layers folder.

There are 2 deletes: normal Delete = removes the exposure or timing of the drawing but doesn’t destroy/remove the actual file. The second delete found in the Xsheet or Timeline> Drawing> Delete Selected Drawings will remove the file in the elements folder also.

Remember that you can reuse the same drawings over and over for a walk cycle for example just by copy pasting the exposure(timing). The numbers in the cells of the Xsheet are basically pointers to the actual drawings in the scene’s folders. The Delete just deletes those pointers whereas the Delete Selected Drawing removes the pointer and the file.

To fix your problem just fill the Xsheet with cells named 1,2,3,4 and then delete them with the Delete Selected Drawings > Save. Then if you try to rename it will work because you clean up the folder of the old drawing files.

Thanks for the explanation, that worked great. ;D