Can't re-order layers in timeline, changing pos Z also doesn't work right

I have a character rig I’ve almost finished in Harmony, but I’m having major problems with the ordering of layers, and after spending over an hour unable to figure this issue out, I need some advice.

The layers causing a problem are the character’s head elements, particularly the top half of the head, the jaw, the neck, and the hood of his shirt, which should be behind every other layer. The most glaring problem is that I am completely unable to change the order of layers in the timeline like I always could back when I used Animate. I drag a layer all the way down, and absolutely nothing happens or changes.

Because of this, I’m attempting to re-order layers using the “nudge” technique with Alt + Up or Down keys to change the Pos Z factor, but that’s not working right either. Even when some layers have a higher factor than others, they still appear behind those. Sometimes, changing one even appears to indirectly make another appear in front of others.

Adding less conventional layers, like a reference sketch I traced over to create the rig or a color card, also caused big problems, as these layers would appear in front of some and behind others, not be affected by Pos Z changing, and not be able to be moved on the timeline.

I can’t figure any of this out. Are there any obvious factors that could be contributing to these issues? Here’s an image of the situation:

I upgraded to Harmony last summer and have spent the past year trying to come to grips with rigging and the node view. In looking at your node view I see a couple composite modules? Nothing wrong with that, I have seen some rigs where there are 8,9,10 composite modules. Pegs used for organizing the major parts and composites for each major part, be it an arm, leg, head, etc, that all are combined into a final Composite Module.

But for me the danger lies in looking at the layers in the timeline and dragging layers up and down, which composite module is being effected? If you have multiple composites, the layers in the timeline and their order can be misleading, for me anyway. The complex connections that we can make in the node view I think are very difficult to represent in the layers of the timeline.

If you could, go fullscreen with your Node View, and sort out your tree, if you spread things out and organize the modules and then take a screen capture it may help to figure out what is going on.

Here’s a look at the current Node view:

Change your composites to passthru and the nudging will work.

This worked. Thanks so much!