Can't re-activate SB Pro 4.1: ERROR -1

I had to reformat my Mac and re install OSX and all apps. When I went to launch SB Pro 4, I’m getting the Activation Wizard, prompting me to enter the activation code I received when I upgraded to 4.1 last year. I entered the exact code in the fields, and keep getting the “ERROR-1” message…will not accept code. Internet and everything is connected fine. Code is exactly the same as my download from my Toon Boom profile and receipt. I had this same trouble last year when I installed for the first time, but I lost the support email from Toon Boom and do not remember how it was resolved. They have not responded in 4 hours and I’m under deadline. Help?

A shot in the dark, I imagine you are clicking Activate License, are you able to see what is in Manage Licenses? How deep can you get into it? I am just wondering whether the Wizard is receiving a signal from the Toon Boom server that you already activated the software and it sees it as being on another computer. You probably never had a chance to “Return” the license. Does it look like you can Return the license at this point even though it is a fresh install on a reformatted drive?

FWIW I was able to install and activate my software after replacing a drive and I did not have to Return the license to get it up and running.

Not much help here except the email address for the issue:

Knowledge Base: Licensing issue when upgrading, reformatting or with a new computer

Good luck.

I heard back from TB CS, and the resolution was complex and error-ridden, so as an option I accepted their offer to download TeamViewer remote access software so they could fix on their end. The agent remotely accessed my computer and installed a license reactivation script into my Library/Terminal. Some real cryptic stuff I never seen before. Re-entered activation code, started SB pro, without issue. I don’t think I could repeat the steps to someone else without typing for 3 hours, but at least TB took care of it quickly and easily!

Good you’re up and running again!

TB Support used TeamViewer to clean up a mess I had made on my system one time. Would have been torture for both of us if they had to describe how and I tried it myself.