can't paste existing exposure in xsheet

The instructions say to copy and exposure simply copy/paste the frame. To create a new drawing you copy/paste new object. Tried copy/paste in the exposure sheet and it still creates a new object. Tried this in the timeline and its OK. Exposure sheet is not working.

Hi glennR

If you copy a cell in the timeline or x-sheet and paste it in another cell on the same layer/column it will show the drawing in the new cell.
But : It’s the name of the drawing you copy/paste in this way, it is not the actual drawing. If you paste into another layer/column it will show the drawing in that respective layer that has the same number. But: Also here is a but.

If the drawing cell has a unique name it will actually paste the drawing from the other column.

If you want to create a new drawing from an existing one select/copy it in the drawing view and then paste it in the drawing view in the new drawing.

Best regards

When you copy and paste in the exposure sheet, it copies the exposure only. You can tell this because the name of the drawing will be the same.

For example, if you select drawing 2 and copy, then go down a few frames and paste, you’ll see that it pastes the same number 2. So it’s reusing the drawing again.