Can't open .swf, rough quality in .avi

There may have been a thread about this already, but I’ll post this one anyway.

Everything works fine, the export is smooth and it all looks good. Except for one thing, my comuter doesn’t recognize the .swf (after exporting) even though I have the newest version of adobe flash player installed. I have tried moving the file to other computers but it’s the same thing every time. If I have the playback box checked it does play after exporting.
I’m using TBS 5.0 (on vista) and all the other formats work.
Also, is there any way to export to .avi without losing the quality? When exported to .avi, it all becomes a blurry mess.

Any tips?

Well, if you want to play your exported SWF movie on your computer…
Either use your Browser / Open File…
(the Adobe Flash Player is a Browser plugin)
Or get something like the “SWF & FLV Player” and play your file with that…
(choose the version you need, PC or Mac)

Regarding AVI export:
In the Export settings click the Options Tab / in the AVI Settings / the Settings Tab /
then choose your Compression Type…


Ýeah it works, thank you for the fast reply!