Can't open projects with more than 30 panels in Storyboard?


I’ve been boarding a project recently, and now suddenly when I try to open it, I get the messages “This project is already opened” and “Can’t open Storyboard containing more than 30 panels in evaluation version!”

I have a lot of work in the project I wish to open and would like to know a way around this

Thank you

You will be limited to 30-panel project when using the trial version license.
The full commercial license has no such limitation.

The project already open message will appear if the program was force
quit or crashed while the project was open for editing. To get rid of this
message go into the project’s folder to remove the .lock file inside.
On Mac if your project appears as a file, Cmd+click it to “Show Package
Contents” and go into “Contents” to access the .lock file.