Can't open my projects/storyboard crashes after startup?

I am able to start storyboard just fine, but if I try to click on the project I want to work on in recents the program seems to crash. there is no program screen or anything after I try to open the project. There is also no crash report or error dialogue, but my task manager doesn’t show that storyboard is running. This also happens if I try to open the file via file explorer (tried to open the SBOARD file). I am using windows 10, and have tried reinstalling storyboard on my computer already.

It looks like I’m having the same problem on a Mac.

Storyboard Pro 6 seems to launch okay. The window appears where I can create a new project or open an existing one. When I click to open an existing project, the project opens for about half a second and then disappears. Stb Pro seems to be still open, i.e. across the top of the screen I can see the menu: StoryboardPro - File - Edit - View - Play and so on. But there is no workspace.

If I click on File - Open Recents and choose the file. It again briefly opens on screen and then vanishes again. If I locate the file itself using Finder and click to open it there, the same thing happens!

I haven’t contacted Toon Boom about this yet as it just happened in the last few minutes and I’ll continue for a while to see if I can solve the problem myself (if I do, I’ll let you know). But It’s now Saturday morning here in Ireland and the reason I’m working is because i have an approaching deadline. But at the earliest it’ll be Monday afternoon here before Toon Boom will be able to reply to me. I had planned to work all weekend. I think since Toon Boom has become the world wide standard, they should offer 24/7 support!

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Okay, I’ve managed to open my Stb project. Try this… If you have the Storyboard menu at the top of your screen (File - Edit - View - Play and so on), click on ‘Windows’ and in the drop down menu click on ‘Restore Default Workspace’. Hopefully this will work for you. But unfortunately, it looks like you lose any custom settings you might have used for your own workspace.

I have to say, Storyboard Pro is a wonderful piece of kit (I come from the old days of pencils and paper, so this is a real luxury) but it’s the only bit of software that I ever have problems with such as this.Being the industry leader, I really think they should have sorted out all of these issues by now. Fingers crossed that they will!


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