cant open my project

i have a 300mb+ project and toon boom crashes when i try to open it. It opened fine yesterday.

My project file is probably too memory intensive now. I want to try divide it but i cant do anything now that it cant be opened

If you are on Windows, try increasing the virtual memory.

To increase the Virtual Memory on your system:
Right-click the “My Computer” icon or “Computer” to access “Properties”.
Select “Advanced” or “Advanced System Settings”.
Under Performance, click the “settings” button.
Select the “Advanced Tab” and Click the “Change” button under the
"Virtual Memory" section.

Unselect the “Automatic Manage” checkbox to enable the fields for entering
a setting manually. Select “Custom Size” and enter an “Initial Size” of
4096 and a “Maximum Size” of 8174. You will need to restart the computer
for the new settings to take effect.

After doing this, split your project into more manageable parts. Note that the “Scene Manager” window exists for creating and managing the scenes of your movie so that a movie file can be generated from the individual scenes so there is really no reason to make overly large projects in TBS.