Can't open my project!

I have been working on a project for a couple of months now without any problems, only to boot my computer today to find that my project would not open.
Every time I try to open my project it gets half way through loading when i get an error message saying "unexpected data found while reading Blahblahblah.tbp"



You could always try to send use your project although this seems to be either an incomplete file or some corrupted data in the project. Have you made a backup of that project?



Stupidly I haven’t made a backup
if it was corrupted data how could i find it?


Not much you could do if it is corrupted. I could check with the programmers if I get the project but can’t guarantee much there too. A corrupted value could be fixed manually by the programmers but if the file is truncated (missing part of it) we won’t be able to fix much there.

How big is the tbp file by the way.



The file is 260kb.
What would you like me to do with it?



You can send it to the support department by e-mail we will try to give it a look.



hello one of my friends drew a picture in the toon boom 4.5 and sent it over for me in an e-mail. but if i want it to open thats happen: file could not found this file have been moved, renamed or deleted what should I do?


Did you friend actually exported the project to image sequence/movie or did he just send the tbp file. If he wants to send you the project you first need to make sure you have the application and also make sure that he sent you the whole folder structure of the project, not just the tbp file has this only contains structural data, not the actual drawings.

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hi, i just had the same problem. did you ever get it resolved? if so could you please let me know, i put about three months work into this one!!! thanks.

Did you go into any of the folders and move anything?

Did you rename any part of any of the graphics or folders?

One thing that I do is, and I’m sorry this won’t help your project to open, is that I create only 10 scenes per project/file.
Each scene is basically about 5 - 10 seconds on average.
Each scene basically only covers one vocal line or action of a character.
SO I only end up with about a minute of actual “Movie” per project or file.
Then after I am done I put them all together with a video editor like Roxio.

This gives me a rather easy to follow structure and it keeps everything small, so when something like this happens you only lose a very small part of your project.

thanks for the reply. i’m going to give that a shot! thanks again.

what version of Roxio should i get? does it make a difference? thanks for the help!

Any Video editor/ DVD creator will work. I am pretty sure there are free ones out there as well. I got Roxio with my computer.

Basically you render each of your projects and call them Part 1, Part 2 part 3 etc.

Open your video/ dvd editor, choose to build a project without a menu, then simply drag each part in to the video editor and save as a finished project.

what do you save the toon boom files as before you drag them into roxio? start project without a menu? sorry about the stupid questions, thanks.

I save my Files as Quick Time Movie Files. That’s an “.mov” file extension. Then from Roxio I save them as a windows Media Player “.wmv” file extension.

I tried many different types before I found one that I really liked. Some of them got blurry, some left out the sound some quit playing or did other strange things.

So if you try these types and it doesn’t work for you try something else.