Can't open my program

so I actually downloaded harmony toon boom professional onto my own computer at home.
so I have a licence…
I tried using my program on another computer because it has a better screen, so I used my same licence to do so. however when ever I tried to download harmony onto the new computer, there is an activation error.
“unable to find a valid licence for this application
The licence activation wizard will be launched shortly”
I have the activation wizard, and everytime i pop in my details, the same thing happens again with the same message.
please help!!!

First, return / deactivate your software-license on your old computer,
Then activate on your new computer:

If you’re on Sierra log in as an Admin user.
Delete the software by dragging its folder to the trash and empty the trash.

Open a terminal window from /Applications/Utilities
Type: sudo rm -R /Library/Application\ Support/FLEXnet\ Publisher

Then type: sudo spctl --master-disable
Re-install the software again.