Can't open files on different computer - Help!

I’m a college student studying animation, and we have the Harmony Network (we don’t have a network set up yet, though) at school. I purchased Harmony Stand Alone because I was told it would allow for me to go back and forth between my computer and the computer lab at school. My problem is that I can’t open full .xstage files on the school’s computer after working on my own computer. (Both are Windows, if that helps.) For example, I’ll have a character saved on my computer, put the entire folder on a flashdrive, and open the .xstage file on the school’s computer to work on. When Toon Boom opens, all of the layers are there, but the Camera View area is completely empty and the color palette is gone. I’ve asked professors about this, and they don’t know what the problem is. Could it be because I’m using Harmony Stand Alone and the school isn’t?

Harmony Network has an export to offline function from control centre, this could be what you need…

Although from what you say the file you are trying to open is a .xstage file which is the offline/standalone format rather than a .stage file which is the network/database form.

Are the two versions of Harmony the same build?

Make sure to zip the Harmony project before moving it off the internal hard drive otherwise it may fail to copy your drawing sure to the large number of files in a typical animation project. To verify, compare the size of the project folder on your computer to the size of the project folder on the school’s computer, if I’m right you will notice a large difference in the size.