Can't open file by using vmware player in other OS.

Hi everyone.
I tried to use vmware player to test how does Harmony work in other OS.
But unfortunately, I can’t even open a file or start creating a scene.
Would it be possible to use this kind of virtual machine to run Harmony? And any solution?

The software can run on a virtual machine but why would you need to do that?
The program runs equally well in its native environment on Window or Mac.

It’s because my professor kept telling me it will absolutely happen if we create file in Windows will be unable to open the file in Macs.

You can run the software on a VM but the license must also
be activated on the same VM.

It’s not really necessary though because in this case your
professor is mistaken. If you do run into issues transferring
projects between Mac/Windows - contact support to help
diagnose the cause of the problem.

Thank you for those replies. I am going to start learning harmony in class and see what will happen. If it happens unfortunately, I will try to contact them.