cant open Animate 1 files with Animate 2


I’am having a problem opening my Animate 1 files with Animate 2.
The error I keep getting is “Can not open an empty project. Adding a default empty scene.” This is after I chose my Animate 1 file and hit open.
What am I doing wrong.


Try going directly to the Animate 1 file, and double-clicking it. This worked for me.

Animate 1 files should open just fine in Animate 2. Do you get this error when you open a scene from the welcome screen? Or when you double-click on the icon?

Are you able to create new scene in Animate 2?

If you continue to experience problems opening your Animte 1 scene, then go ahead and send an email to They’ll set up an ftp where you can drop your scene file so they can take a look at it.

Toon Boom Support