Can't move drawing with the Transform Tool, when I have "Animate Current Frame" turned on

When I want to tween an object from one space to the next, the Transform tool will not move the object. It turns purple and is clearly selected, but there’s no box around it and it’s not movable. Now when I turn off “Animate on Current Frame,” it’s suddenly movable.

Video Example

I saw some discussion on this. Some stating I need a NVIDIA graphics card that supports OpenGL, which I do have. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, which is not a powerhouse, but is enough to run modern video games and Blender rendering software. This is something I could easily do just a few weeks ago, but is not suddenly impossible. Very odd!

I have same problem !

In preferences under the Advanced tab you must have uncheck Element Node “Animate Using Animation Tools” Default Value. Doing this will not allow you to animate your drawing, you will have to add/connect a peg and animate it.

If you open the drawing layer properties, under the Controls tab you should see Animate Using Animation Tools unchecked. If you check it, this will allow you to animate the drawing.

In the Node view you can also use Set Properties on Many Layers to change Animate Using Animation Tools on you drawings.