Can't move/combine drawings on one layer to another

I don’t know if this is a bug or just something I haven’t figure out yet, but either way hoping somebody can help!

I made a video that illustrates my question, since it gets confusing when I try to explain it here.

Say you have Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3, with Drawing 1, Drawing 2 and Drawing 3 on their respective layers.

Can I to move (by either dragging or cutting/pasting the cels) Drawing 2 and Drawing 3 into Layer 1 after Drawing 1?

Because, when I do move Drawing 2 to Layer 1 after Drawing 1, it automatically swaps out Drawing 2 for Drawing 1.

Is there no way to combine drawings from other layers onto different layers at all? Thanks in advance!

Thanks o0Ampy0o !

That answers the question of how I can combine multiple layers into one layer, so that fixes that problem.

I guess my only other question would be why can’t you still drag and drop drawings from other layers without having them swap out? I’m still a little confused by why I can’t move elements from one layer to another without merging the entire layer (say, it’s just part of one layer I want to move around)

Thanks again!

I only have Animate Pro 3 and am relying on the documentation and available videos online for Harmony information. So I can’t try or test things. Prior to 11 just about everything that the two programs shared behaved identically. If Animate only received a limited flavor of a Harmony feature it behaved as close as the limitation allowed it to.

Under Preferences the Harmony 11 Users Guide refers to Drag & Drop in the Timeline so that is either an oversight (there are many in TB documentation) or there are changes which may have options to choose from that effect the action’s results. I could not find drag & drop references in the Harmony 11 documentation that coincide with Animate Pro Timeline features. You should contact Support. Many Tip of the Weeks are spawned from user feedback.

Preferences => Timeline:|_____10

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