Can't move blue pivot point without moving object

im quite new to Toon Boom Studio 8.1 and most like this is a very idotic question but i can’t help me. So one of my first task is, to animate an bouncing object. Therefore I want to temporarily move the blue pivot point somewhere else as the normal origin to transform the object in a certain keyframe. But whenever I try to click and drag the blue circle the hole objects moves with the red and blue circle. I’m working in the camera view and have the transformtool selectet as the keyframe form the peg element, which i want to transform. What am I doing wrong, so the blue pivot point won’t move?

Can you make screen shots or provide more information. Perhaps there is something you are not aware of and therefore cannot describe it. Using either the Select Tool or Transform Tool I am able to move the Pivot Point independently without the movement effecting the position of its object. It should be moveable because it literally is a pivot upon which its object rotates. You reposition the pivot and the rotation axel, if you will, changes when you need it to.

Well, sometimes i can move it without the object. But more often i want to drag it an then this happens.

My Workaround so far was, to select randomly other frames of the object and try as long until i could move the point, then selecting the keyframe and move it. Not a very smooth workprogress, because it sometimes needs it time. It’s a little bit sad, because beside of this problem i realy love TBS so far.

Same is it with the select tool. In this case the hole object over all keyframes is moving.