Can't Make Arcs (New User Learning TB Advanced)

Taking a tutorial in Toon Boom and trying to animate a basic bouncing ball.

The tutorial says to open the Coordinate and Control panel and un-click “Separate” so the animation will have arcs, not straight lines. Problem is that I don’t have this panel. So my path has no arcs. I think the tutorial is using Harmony Premium.

Anyone know a solution?

That’s for the default behavior, regardless of the default, you can change that in the layer properties, Transformation Tab.

The default behavior in Premium can be changed in the Preferences Window (Edit->Preferences…), General Tab, Settings. There you can change the default behavior for pegs and elements, I assume it’s the same for Harmony Advanced.

To add curves to a motion path you don’t need to use the Coordinate and Control points panel.

It should be as simple as:

  • add a peg to a drawing;
  • add at least two positions/keyframes to the peg;
  • press the show control icon, shortcut Shift + F11, or go to View > Show > Control, to show the path;
  • press P over the path to add control points;
  • click and drag control points to adjust trajectory, just place one in the centre of the trajectory and move it up or down to make a curve.

For this to work, the peg should have its Position set as 3D Path, not Separate. So, double click on the peg layer to open Layer Properties, Transformation tab, and select 3D Path (before doing anything) if the selection is on Separate.

This works on Harmony Advanced, you just don’t have the Coordinate and Control Points panel, but you can edit tension, bias and continuity via the Preferences > Camera


Luis Canau