Can't make a transition between panels

Hi !
I’m having trouble with the transition option for my animatic.

When I click on a panel of my first scene i have no trouble creating a transition with the add transition button
but when i select any panel from my second scene the button is desperatly frozen !
I’ve closed and opened again the software but still trouble…

Can someone please tell me why it happens and how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance ! =)

A transition is done between scenes and not panels of the same scene.

Also both scenes need to have enough frames for the transition to take
place. Maybe a better way of explaining it is that you can’t have a transition
that is longer than the scenes it is transitioning from/to.


Not sure if this is what’s happening with you, but I beleive Storyboard only adds transitions between scenes. It won’t add a transition between panels of the same scene. If you right click the panel that will be coming in and choose “Split Current Scene”, will it work then?
Best of luck!