Can't locate other folders / Unable to create directory error

I was about to create scene but whenever I try to locate my own folder by clicking browse in location, the windows seems to be limited only to the bin directory of Harmony 20. I can’t navigate nor access any of my folders, whether it may be Pictures, Documents, or Downloads folder.

I tried to create a folder inside the win64>bin, which the only folder that Harmony brought me every time I try to locate my folder for a scene. After creating a folder, I again clicked Browse and found the folder inside it. Successfully located, then I Created Scene, immediately a string of error was shown saying one of them saying “Unable to create directory error”.

I was wondering why do I experience this weird and improperly working window. My friends can successfully locate their folder in other folders, but it seems like mine was only restricted on bin folder inside win64 of Toon Boom Harmony 20 Premium directory folder.