Can't launch Animate 2. Pixel Buffer erro message.

Hi there,

I’ve been using Animate2 for some time now without any problems, however this morning - I can’t seem to launch the program. It allows me to enter a name for a new scene on the welcome screen, and then when I click on ‘Create’, a new window is launched in the background, and then disappears.

Then, when I click on the Animate icon on the taskbar, the same welcome screen appears again. However this time when I click on ‘Create’, the black command line window appears and showing the following error:

QGLPixelBuffer: Unable to find a pixel format with pbuffer - giving up.
PBuffer creation failed for some reason…disable it.
WARNING: Window::getFunctionByName: Couldn’t get function ’ glTexSubImage3DEXT’ for Window 08B68EA0.
WARNING: Window::getFunctionByName: Couldn’t get function ’ glPointParameterfEXT’ for Window 08B68EA0.
WARNING: Window::getFunctionByName: Couldn’t get function ’ glPointParameterfvEXT’ for Window 08B68EA0.

How do I go about fixing this problem? I have an urgent deadline for an animated video I need to produce by the end of the month. Please help!

Did you change graphic card? Maybe get the latest driver for it.

I have the same problem… My laptop has two graphics drivers… Intel HD and NVIDIA GeForce… I installed the latest update for the GeForce but the problem was not solved… Do I have to install the update for the Intel HD also, because I cannot find it??
plz help :slight_smile:

I have NVIDIA GeForce 525M in case this might make a difference

I’ve heard that in some machines that have 2 video cards, the wrong one starts in some situation. I can’t remember how to control that but maybe it’s your Intel that takes over instead of the NVidia so even if you have the latest driver the card is not used.

Did this solve your issue?

If not, write in to for further assistance.