Can't install - no license #!


Just received Toon Boom Studio Express for Christmas; when we put in the license # during installation, the ‘next’ button remains gray and we can’t move on.

Help, this is my daughter’s present and she’s been waiting for months to try it out!!!


First of all, congratulations; you’re going to have LOTS of fun with Toon Boom!

I’m on a Mac using TBS v.3.5, but I started out with TBS Express, although I don’t currently have it installed on either of my computers. As a test, I went over to my ol’ G4 PPC to install TBS Express and was waiting to see if I ran into registration issues but it installed without a hitch and accepted my license key # with no problem. . . even with versions 2.5 and 3.0 already installed on the same computer.

My advice to you would be:
1) uninstall and re-install TBS Express
2) MOST IMPORTANT: make very sure that you enter the license key # accurately (these are usually case-sensitive)
3) if still no luck, why not download the free demo until the good folks at TBS Support get back from holiday tomorrow and help you out.

I hope this helps.


The problem is usually a zero (or Oh=“O”) or a one (or I). If you bought Express from Toon Boom your code should be under your name (go to the members section to find it). If it’s there, copy it by highlighting it and using CNTR-C and paste it into the program using CTRL-V. That should take care of any mistakes.

Hope this helps!


Did you manage to input your key? If not send us a mail at and we will see to is so you can get things going.

Just so you know we will be closed until January 3rd but we are opened on the 28th and 29th of December.

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You mention a “members section”. Where would that be found?


Member section is now called My Account. It is on the top right of this page.




I just downloaded Toon Boom Animate but i don’t have a product key

Could someone type it? Please!


lol nice try