Can't install 3.5 onto Vista

I get an “invalid operation system” error when trying to install my newly ordered V3.5 onto Vista. Doese someone know of any help or update for this yet?

Hi Jf,

Did you receive a disc? The best way to ensure you have the updated ‘Vista-Ready’ version is to sign into the username where your software is registered and click on the following link:

Hope this helps!

Im having the exact same problem!!! I bought toonboom v3.5 last year and it was working on my old laptop which has windows xp but ive just bought a new computer which has vista, and it gives me that same error message when i go to install making me think its not vista compatible!

is there some kind of patch to download or what do i do? i need to start using it desperately as i already have projects set from university. the link i clicked above just takes me to a page that shows the software i bought which i dont see solving anything? unless im missing something…

please help!

also, i didnt order it with a disc, i ordered as electronic transfer so i just have the setup file!

Hi kirtdave,

Make sure to go recover the latest version of Toon Boom Studio on our website. Back when 3.5 was released Vista was not out so it we could not make sure it was compatible with the new OS.

A patch was released early this year that was packaged with the installer available on the web. You can recover it by login in the Member section of the website and accessing My Products. Click the download link by the Toon Boom Studio v3.5 software and install the version available there.

This should allow you to install the Vista ready version.

Best regards,