Can't import to Windows Movie Maker


I’ve saved the first part of my animation as an AVI file, but when I try to import it into Windows Movie Maker, a message appears:

"The file x cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer."

I’ve browsed the Movie Maker help page but found nothing of help… so what is this codec and where may I be able to download it from?

Looking forward to your help!


You can define the codec you use to export your AVI inside Toon Boom Studio in the Options>Video Settings after selecting the AVI format. The Codec is the Compressor type (drop down list at the top of the window).



Thanks, Ugo.

Changed it to PAL something. Comes out now in WMM and good quality as well :smiley:

I tried doing what you said before but it still isn’t working :frowning: