Cant Import PSD files to library

I was looking as some of the tutorial vids on the site and i saw how psd layers were a lot better to edit if imported directly to Library.

My problem is:

-I go to library
-right to modify
-right click
-select import
-go to folder where PSD files are (yes checked I’m in right folder for files)

Now once i open the folder Animate will not see any of the PSD files in the folder!

I don’t know what the problem is please help ??? ???

As far as I know, right-clicking in the Library / Import Files…
Animate 2, imports only PDF / AI files as Templates…

Import your PSD-file first into the Timeline…
File / Import / Images…
Then drag that image-layer from the Timeline into the Library…



Not sure whether or not this will help or it applies but your PSD layers need to be organised into groups before you can import and retain the layout. Might be worth a try.


You can’t import PSD files into the library. The only type of files that you can import into the library are PDF and AI - the reason being that you can only import Vector files into the library.

You can only import bitmap images through the top menu, because you need to define the vectorisation options.

Just so you know, you can import more than one image at once. You could import an entire sequence just by shift-selecting all those images from the import images dialog.