Cant import image to use as templates

I am trying to take artwork we have generated for our games and use them as template items to do my storyboards with. I have a directory of files I have done an open library to open the folder with the images. Nothing shows up. I then did generate thumbnails which caused 2 of the 10 images to show up. I then did import images which did nothing but create duplicate files. What am I doing wrong? I really want to use this for our storyboard needs but if I have to hand draw everything it will take more time then using somethign else that will let me use my images

I am using version 9.0.0 (5884).I looked at help about and I followed the steps which is how 2 of the 10 images showed up. Other than the two images there are no thumbnails and no files listed. The files I am trying to use are standard jpegs. I also tried saving them an PNG’s with no difference.Import as scene does bring them in. So that may be at least a work around.

That is the exact process I went through. It simply not taking some of the jpegs. I would be happy to send you two files one that work and one that doesnt. Just let me know where to send them.Brian

What version of Storyboard are you using? You can find this out by going to Help > About.

Is it just the thumbnails that don’t show up? When you drag and drop the images into the scene, do they show up fine?

What file types are the images that you’re trying to import?

If you do a Storyboard > Import Images as Scenes, does it import those images into your project correctly?


Well I just tested it out on Windows and on Mac and it works in both cases. Here’s what I did:

- I clicked once on the Global Library folder on the left side of the library to select it. On the right hand side of the library, I right-clicked and selected Import Files.
- I then searched for some sample JPGs and imported them in.
- I right-clicked on the right hand side of the library and seleced View > Thumbnails.
- At this point my thumbnails were displayed correctly.

I also tried opening a folder that I knew had the JPGs in it.

- I right-clicked on the left hand side of the library and selected “Open Library”
- I browsed to the folder where the JPGs were
- they showed up on the right hand side (still had View > Thumbnails on).

Was the process that you were following similar to either of these?

You could attach a screenshot so that I can see what you’re talking about. Just upload it to a free site like Photobucket and post the link here.

If that didn’t help you then I will have you send me a sample jpg of the images that don’t work so that I can see if there’s a problem on my end.


Go ahead and email the jpgs to with a cc to and I will take a look at them. Thanks!