Can't import Final Draft 8 data

Hi,I’m having trouble importing Final Draft 8 (.fdx) files. The manual says to choose Import Final Draft Script from the Captions menu but I don’t see this command in the Captions menu. I do see a New from Final Draft Scrips command under File so I tried that, and this opens a window that allows me to select my script. However, when I attempt to open the .fdx file I get the error "There were errors during the import. Import ended unsuccessfully."Is there a special format or settings required for the Final Draft script to work with Storyboard?Please bear in mind that I recently upgraded to Pro, so this feature is new to me. Thanks in advance for any help! :)G.

Okay, I got the ‘New’ command to work. I wish this feature was better documented; I’m having to randomly type things in and see what happens to figure this out…not very productive.What this command does is create a new storyboard with the script information in place. Is there a way to import the script data into an existing storyboard file?Thanks in advance.G.

Whoops! Nevermind. It was a long week with very little sleep but after getting a little rest last night, I found that there IS a section in the manual that documents this feature. Think I have what I need now. :PG.

Great! I’m glad you found it.