Can't import colour model

I have a set of drawings I created in one Animate file, and would like to use them as a color reference in a different Animate file. I need to create a separate project, since it has a different screen resolution than the first.

Anyhow, I’ve tried to import the model by selecting ‘Import Model…’ from the model view menu and then selecting the coresponding Ink .tvg file in my first project. However, when I do this, all the colors show up as red. Even if I import the palette from my first file before importing the model, the colors still show up as red.

How can I use a frame in a different file as a color model?

That worked. Strange bug. Thanks.

I hope this is the simple answer that you require. :slight_smile:

So I just tried the same trick. I imported the palette, then I imported the tvg as a colour model. It looked red.a

Then I clicked on the brush and did a brush stroke to create a drawing and poof! The model view turned from red to the proper colours. The reason it does this is that you first have to create a drawing in order for the palettes to load correctly.

I hope that was it!


It’s not really a bug so much as a way that it works. You can’t load a palette into a scene until you have a drawing. If you just open up a scene without selecting a drawing and try to look at the colour view it won’t load anything in then yet, either, you have to select a drawing for it to load in. It’s kind of similar to how you can’t copy a keyframe onto something that doesn’t have a function created yet, and you have to create the function by creating first a key on that drawing before you can copy paste keys. Once you understand how it works then it’s a simple matter really.

~Lilly :slight_smile: