Can't I move my drawings from drawing view to camera view?

I’m kind of new to Harmony… and I’m so confused with ‘camera view’ and ‘drawing view’.
I heard that the camera view contains all the effects and camera movings etc.
But why my drawing on drawing view doesn’t appear on camera view even if I didn’t take any other effects or something?
Same problem happened last time and I can’t solve it.
I just selected my drawings on drawing view to copy it and pasted on camera view, but nothing happens.
Somebody can help me??

You do not need to copy and paste to get something from the Drawing view to the Camera view.

The drawing view is where you work on each drawing in your scene isolated in an environment free of scenery, other objects, animation related manipulation and effects.

If you have a drawing in your scene, it will appear in the Drawing view automatically because it is a drawing.

The Camera view is where you animate, add effects, backgrounds other characters, sound, etc.

"Although the two views are similar, when it comes to drawing, there are some differences.

Only the selected drawing is displayed by default in the Drawing view. You can use features, such as the light table to display the current frame drawing of all the enabled layers of your scene in washed-out colours, or the Onion Skin to display the previous and next drawings of the currently selected drawing layer."

If you cannot see a drawing in Camera view it is either located somewhere out of the camera’s viewing range or it is invisible.

You might have inadvertently moved or added a figure to a field that placed it off camera or made it invisible.

Try creating a test project where you can work with a simple scene. Just create a circle and switch between Camera and drawing views. Intially they should be almost identical. If you move things in Camera view they will deviate more between the two.

Once you see how the two views relate you can start to look for the the settings in your project to determine where your object is in relation to the camera. Open windows for top view and side view. Open up layer properties and look at the X, Y and Z coordinates. Zoom out and so on.

Thanks for your kind answer.

I’ve got my problem fixed.

Maybe missed my objects somewhere in drawing view.

Now it matches camera view.