Can't get trial version

I’m trying to get the trial version of Animation, but clicking on the Get Licence button does nothing. Doesn’t seem like my browser is blocking anything.

Any theories?

Yup… Have been trying all evening.

Man, I miss the days of simple HTML links…

Still no luck? Maybe you can try clearing out your browser cache and then come back to the site.


You may also want to lower the security level of your web browser for it may be blocking some scripting language used to trigger the button. Else then that make sure you have flash player installed on your browser.



Just to let you know, today I was able to do it. Probably a server thing, as suggested. In fact, a few minutes after trying the last time last night, it seems the entire website went under! Every page I tried to go to got some sort of server error. But, today it seems to work, and there immediately was a key number displayed without me even having to click.