Can't get tablet pressure sensitivity to work

See title. I’m using a Surface 3 and an official stylus for it, but Harmony doesn’t pick up on different pressure at all when using the brush and pencil tools. This function works fine in Photoshop so I assume I need to alter a setting in Harmony, but don’t know what.

Usually this is a tablet driver problem, or the drivers of the tablet are conflicting with the onboard Windows tablet drivers. Try contacting your tablet manufacturer.

The Surface screen itself is the tablet. I’m not using an external device.

Take a look at this:

and this:


None of these work. Unchecking and checking that option, updating Wintab drivers…I’m at a loss.

EDIT: Leaving the Wintab box unchecked fixed things!

Yes! The key to surface pro 3 and likely for the later surface devices is to NOT install Wintab (which means you should uninstall wintab drivers if you added them) and to uncheck Wintab in Toon Boom.
Then, make sure you have updated pen drivers.

This whole wintab issue is very frustrating…