can't get Symbols to cycle from different frames


I’m having trouble getting a Symbol to cycle from different starting frames.

The Symbol in question has an internal duration of 40 frames. It is a very simple undulating curve I want to use as sea water.
I want this Symbol to cycle in the main Timeline over a long time on two different layers, so next thing I did was duplicate the layer.
On the first layer I used the Sequence Fill command to make the Symbol cycle.
My setitngs were: Starting Value =1, Increment = 1, Hold =1, Cycle = 40 (the total number of frames of the Symbol).
Then I go to the duplicated layer, where I want the Symbol to cycle starting from a different frame, using Sequence Fil again.
Here’s the problem: if I type in Starting value = 20 (so it can start at the middle), I get an empty space at the end of the cycle. I guess the software is adding 10 frames at the end, thus overshooting the actual length of the Symbol. So it is creating a cycle from frame 20 to frame 60. But of course frame 60 doesn’t exist inside the Symbol, and I get 20 frames of nothing.

What I was expecting it to, of course, do was to play frames 10 through 40 and them start from 1 again.

Sorry for the long explanation…

thank you


I would probably recommend you to set your second layer as follows:

1. Expose your first 40 frames as: 20 to 40 then 1 to 19 using the sequence fill, but do not cycle it yet.

2. Copy your 40 frames you want to cycle.

3. Use the paste cycle command to cycle it.


hi Marie-Eve

I eventually came round to a similar solution, in fact.
Basically, that means treating Symbols as normal drawing sequences. It’s good enough, but not optimal, in my mind.

I think the possibility to do this easily and quickly via the Sequence Fill would be super.

thanks again,


Yes indeed.
I recommend you to post a feature request on the feature request section of this forum.