Can't get Pencil Check Pro to Work.

I recently installed Pencil Check Pro. I had to generate a license file in order to use it. I already figured out how to find the correct Host ID (since it generated the incorrect one automatically). The issue is that I still get an error message when I try to enter it:

“An error occured while trying to register your license. Please contact

I’ve already attempted to contact the staff and have yet to get a response.
Does anyone else know how to solve this?

How did you download Pencil Check Pro?

Also, do you realize that you register Pencil Check Pro in a different area of the website than other products? You may be entering your code in the wrong section. There is a separate link at the bottom of the page where everything else is registered.

Here is a link to the Pencil Check Pro registration page (I do not know whether the link will work because it is to an area inside Accounts and it may tie in with my personal path through my account that I take to get there (more or less). Make sure you are logged in before clicking on the link.

Are you activating the license online through your Toon Boom account?

Yes, I am.