Can't get camera view to play in the animation timeline

I’ve recently signed on for Harmony 17 to do some timing from Toon Boom. For some reason, when I press the play button for the animatic, the frame stays at 1. All artwork is there and can be clicked on in the timeline, but it won’t play. Any help you can give, I’d greatly appreciate it!

It could be because you’re trying to play the animation in “render view”, on the bottom of the camera window there should be two flowers, a white and a blue one. Make sure the white one is selected. This puts the camera in OpenGL and you should be able to playback whatever you need to. The blue one is “render view” and will show you what toonboom will spit out when you export your image sequences or movie files.

If it’s an imported animatic that you’re trying to watch (and you are already in OpenGL view :slight_smile: ), they can be quite heavy to playback if your computer is not strong enough. try turning off all sound (The buttons next to the play button on the timeline window), play the animation from start to finish, and then turn on sound and watch it.
This is a quick easy way to “buffer” the animation and make sure that it plays somewhat with the correct timing. It also works if you’re working with a heavy scene with a lot of characters and don’t feel like making a playblast everytime you want to watch your animation.