Cant find this particular tutorial/workflow on youtube. Mandela effect?

Since most Toon Boom users have gone through youtube tutorials and there arent many channels, I really hope this rings a bell to someone.
So about two or three years ago I was going through Harmony tutorials on youtube and I came across this guy, he was animating a scene where a character peeks inside (or enters?) the room through a door. He was explaining the use of cutter feature. What struck me the most was how smooth his animation felt. He was stretching and skewing the character to give the animation more organic feel. I remember bookmarking or liking the video but I’ve honestly exhausted myself trying to find that channel. It’s either weird Mandela effect or the channel doesnt exist anymore.

I guess what I’m actually looking for is a way to make my animations feel more organic and smooth. If you know of any resources/lessons I can utilize, please help.