Can't Find Swapping Cells Function

Hey Everyone,I have read tutorials on how to swap symbols in the library while animating…which is what I was used to doing in Flash. I am new to Toon Boom and cannot for the life of me find the “Cells Tab”. It tells me it is under Properties panel, but of course when I do that, it is no where to be find. Can anyone point out to be exactly where to find this? Thank you so much!~ frustrated

Are you using Pencil Check Pro? This is the Pencil Check Pro forum. I don’t think you’re using Pencil Check Pro, since there is no library to swap from in Penecil Check. Are you using Studio, perhaps? Or Animate? Please post your question in the appropriate forum so that we can help you, and mention exactly which version of the software you’re working with.~LillyToon Boom Support

Ahhh no I am not using Pencil Check…thanks for pointing that out! I am completely new to this…I am very frustrated by tutorials and their lack of explaining exactly where you access certain things from menus or the layer properties. I will go to the Animate forum, thanks!