cant find network window!

I can`t find the network window anywhere!

It doesn’t exist in the non-Pro version.

In Animate Pro it’s accessible from menu-Windows or by clicking
the down-arrow of any sub window of the display.

I can’t find the network window either, and I’m working in the harmony 11 version, I can’t find it neither in the tab, in the windows options or even in the preferences.

I’m working in a windows 7

Are you working with a standalone version or connected to a network of a centralized Harmony database either offline or online?

Did you try selecting the default Workspace? (see #6 in the image)|_____3

When you open Preferences, you do not see a tab labeled Network in the 4th position from the left?

Using the top menu bar, when you open the Windows drop down menu, you don’t see Network?

Using the top menu bar, when you open the Windows drop down menu do you see Module Library?

No open window has an additional tab labeled Network (the color window for example) indicating that window has the Network hidden behind whatever is being shared in the window?

Looking at any of the view windows that are open you will see an X in the upper right corner. Next to the X to our left there is a + (it is an arrow pointing down in earlier Harmony versions, Animate, Animate Pro and Storyboard Pro). When you click on that + do you see either Network or Module Library?

Have you seen this video?