Can't find "Mark Drawing" toolbar in Harmony 12.2

Hey all,

I’m a beginner to this software and animation in general, trying to follow along with tutorials I found on here and YouTube but I can’t seem to find the toolbar with “Mark Drawings” to add key poses (working on animating the bouncing ball to start) and I’m stuck at the beginning of the tutorials. When I click “Window”, the toolbar isn’t there. I can’t find it anywhere and when I click “Help” and search for “Mark Drawing”, nothing comes up. I’ve seen tutorials with earlier software having this toolbar present, and I can’t seem to figure out for the life of me why my software doesn’t have this one toolbar that every tutorial seems to utilize to set key poses on the timeline. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much and may all your drawings come to life.

Hello jrdud,

It’s entirely possible you are following tutorials for a Harmony version you don’t have - we have 3 version, Essentials, Advanced and Premium. The Mark Drawings toolbar is not found in Essentials, which may be why you can’t find it.

The best place for you to learn right now may be our Learning Portal. It is fairly new, and still in Beta, but nonetheless contains tons of great information, tutorials, videos, animation principles. You can find it here: - it will also allow you to choose the correct version, and the training will be catered to your version.

I hope that helps!

Thank you so much for your reply; I never knew what version I was following along with since the interfaces/workspaces look the same in all the videos, same underlying software, just different little technical perks from what I can see. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking crazy pills! It was Michael Wiesmeier’s tutorials, he is the one who I’ve been following along with as far as animating a bouncy ball, and even though my pace is slow and I have to rewind a little and move at my own pace, I still think he illustrates his process very concisely and I know I’ll be able to animate some nice Hi-Def ball-bouncing once I’m done following along with the basics. I got the Essentials package initially from an upgrade from Toon Boom Studio 8, and maybe I need to upgrade further because another user tutorial poster has videos of using the “Mark Drawings” but I will do what you’ve advised and see where I get. Thanks again!

Thank you jrdud0018 for your information

Indeed, it it filtered as ‘all’ edition but as tbmaxdore has confirmed, the marks are not available in Essential.

I am forwarding it to our doc team to review.