Can't find license

Hello, I’ve got a subscription to storyboard pro, and as of today it keeps showing this message where it’s unable to recognize or find my product key but when I login to my subscriptions it states it’s still active. I last used it yesterday and upon closing this happened I’ve already tried restarting my computer and internet but the problem remains, even copy pasting my product key is yielding no result. Can I get some help please?

Please contact for this.

This is happening to me too. It worked fine yesterday but its having trouble with my license today and I have a final due Monday. I messaged support… hopefully I get a response soon

Support and troubleshooting are associated with the story board pro about can’t finding the license. Silver Mender has posted the subscription of the story with the message of the product key in assignmentmasters reviews with the attachment of the described size and the descriptive kind of ideology.